The Life of Amy

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Hapy Birthday Mommy!!

Today is a very, very special day because it's my Momma's Birthday! Happy Birthday to the best Mom in the entire world. You have always given me unconditional love, support, guidance, and wisdom. I admire your sense of humor, strength, and everything that you sacrificed for me these 27 1/2 years. I could not have asked for a more caring, giving, and wonderful women in my life. Thank you for being my role model, my shoulder to cry on, and my very best friend. I am thankful every single day to have the amazing mother that I do. I love you with all of my heart. Happy Birthday Mommy!!!!

And Happy 27 1/2 Birthday to me today!! hahaha :)

Friday, July 8, 2011


I haven't been feeling so great this week and have been laid up on the couch for the most part, neglecting a lot of things. BOOOO. I'm still not in the chattiest/best of moods, but I thought at least I would post some pictures from the past week.

Summer Evening BBQ at my apartment:

The ladies- drinking Skinny Girl Margaritas- YUM!

The boys- our grillin machines

Carne Asada and Chicken Asada on the BBQ (my boy is an amazin' griller)

What my balcony looks like- think we have enough cooler room?

4th of July:

With Beth getting ready for our bike ride

Beth and Damien

Kevin's family doggie- Mela

Biking on the strand

El Segundo to Redondo Beach

Gotta walk the bikes through Manhattan Beach craziness

With my looove

Rest break

Our besties

Next stop FFFF in Hermosa- Brandon, funny Kevin, Wes

Me and Colleen (Brandon's girlfriend)

Fun day

TGIF! I promise to get back to being a good blogger again soon :)

Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy 4th of July Weekend!

This post is going to have to be super short because friends are headed over for a BBQ right now... but wanted to wish everyone a very happy 4th of July long weekend. Mine started off great, brunch with my parents in Manhattan Beach, it was beautiful down there and everything was quite tastey!

SoOooO... be safe, soak up some sun, eat and drink a little extra, laugh a lot, and just have tons of fun!

Here's what I am about to start enjoying...

Not to mention the carne asada, chicken asada, pool, hot tub, and *friends*!

Happy 4th Everyone! XOXO

Thursday, June 30, 2011


I am happy to report that I am better today and less funk-y. Kevin came over last night and we ate my fav... spaghetti! I also made some collard greens and garlic bread. See picture below:

Yummy Yummy!

We watched the movie "Mary and Max" and had a really good evening. :) Movie is very cute... clay-mation style, but with kid AND adult content. Lots of laughs.

Today I sat by the pool in the afternoon and finished my book, really good and I highly recommend. I downloaded another one of her books (Emerald City- Jennifer Egan) on my Kindle to start tonight.

Anyway, now I'm having an Ugly Betty marathon (I love this show and wish it was still on) and waiting for Kevin to come over and eat leftovers. Then tomorrow I'm having breakfast with my parents in Manhattan Beach and then a BBQ over at my apartment with lots of good friends. Should be a fun Friday :)

That's all for me for now.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Yes now I'm in a summer funk. Here are probably some of the reasons:

1. I was used to having a very organized and planned out schedule, anywhere from 8 to 17 hours a day and now I have absolutely NOTHING. No set time to wake-up, eat, intern, class, work, or be anywhere. It is a nice feeling on some days, but others (like yesterday and today) I am incredibly blah and restless. I make lists and keep things that I need to do written in my agenda, but it's still difficult. I definitely do not just sit around and watch TV... I've caught up on laundry, cleaned out my dresser and bookshelf, and now plan to move on to my desk then kitchen. However, just being absolutely and completely schedule-less is new/difficult.

2. I've been sOOoOoOooo bad about exercising since graduation. My friend Liz and I kept joking that July 1st would be our first day of a new workout schedule. But I have been feeling incredibly lazy and out of shape. Those 6 weeks after grad where my life was crazy, I just physically and mentally did not have the motivation. However yesterday I finally did get my booty out for a hike. It was a nice day (even though I forgot to tell anyone I was going, probably wasn't the safest scenario) and I needed the activity. Sore today, but for sure going to keep up with the exercise.

3. It's been super gloomy again! Damn you June gloom, go away!!!

4. I was used to talking to people/interacting with people (kids, supervisors, teachers, classmates, friends etc) all day, everyday, and I was always at the top of my game, giving 110% every hour of each day. I wore makeup, nice clothes, cute heels, and spent a good amount of time on my appearance. I needed to look and act the part of an intern/student every moment. Now I don't have anyone really to talk to or be around, I don't wear makeup, and I'm either in causal clothes, PJs or a bathing suit. Sometimes it's amazing and feels like a dream! But other times... well again, it's just different.

5. I guess overall I just haven't been feeling really confident or secure. I am stressing over every little thing, obsessing, over-analyzing every detail... from the way my apartment looks, to the way I look, to the way I've been interacting with Kevin and others. It's driving me crazy. I cannot ever turn my brain off and I haven't been sleeping much. I need to "not sweat the small stuff, and it's all small stuff" right?!

How does everyone else deal with stress? How do you just let go? PLEASE HELP ME!

So today I told myself I will try to be on a better page and get out of this funk. I had such a good weekend and once yesterday rolled around, I don't know I just lost all contentment. I know myself too, once I get in these funks, it can be really hard to get myself out and I cannot let that happen. I know this is going to be a roller coaster of a time due to adjustment issues, but I need to keep in a positive mind frame. I like change, but again it's just a little tough right now. Here are things to keep me motivated/happy today.

Pictures from my hike: Los Liones off on PCH and Sunset

I just sat and reflected on this bench for awhile once I made it to the top

I went to AMPM this morning across the street from my apartment and used my free coffee card (I get a lot of them, the guy who works there hooks it up). They even had a new flavor, white chocolate raspberry... one of my favs. DELISH!

And now I'm watching a Lifetime movie "Lying to Be Perfect" (story of my life?!, jk) with one of my favorite actresses, Poppy Montgomery

Today's plan... eat breakfast and finish my movie, clean out/organize my desk, hopefully sit by the pool for an hour to read and get some sun (if it comes out), exercise, and then going to make spaghetti for dinner because I've been craving it lately, comfort food I used to always eat as a little girl.

So that's me spilling my heart out today. Just a rough patch... but as my daddy always says, EGBOK (Everything's Gonna Be OK). :)

Monday, June 27, 2011


The June gloom has finally lifted and it's officially summer... my first summer in years with no school, no interning, and no job (for now). The past few days have been amazing. Friday I spent the day by the pool and then Kevin and I drove to Anaheim, checked into our little motel, and headed to the House of Blues in Downtown Disney for the concert. After arriving and finding out the bands we wanted to see weren't going to play for a couple hours, we decided to take a little walk to find some cheap drinky drinks and dinner (Disney is obviously OUTRAGEOUSLY priced and as we joked "not the happiest place on Earth" because there are no stores that sell alcohol haha). We decided to go on a walking adventure and ended up at "Wonderland Market" and then a tiny Mexican place. Not that we are complete cheapos, but instead of spending a ton o money at the House of Blues, we bought some alchy at the market and drank it with our Mex food and on our way back to Downtown Disney (yeah yeah don't judge).

I love Disney!

We are soooo classy together... love ya babe

Authentic lil Mexican place (enchiladas were delish)

Gotta love the "Wonderland" theme

The concert was a blast... Strung Out and Face to Face were awesome! We had a great time and made it back to our little motel (in a cab) safe and sound.

After sleeping in, we drove on back and spent the day lazing around. We went to a little local Mexican market and grabbed some carne asada, then Kevin cooked it up on the BBQ. Yes we both loooooove Mexican and he's a fabulous griller/chef. The evening was spent eating outside and then watching movies (we were still recovering). Nice to relax together.

Sunday I sat by the pool and then we decided to invite some friends over to help eat the left-over carne asada, chips, and salsa. Turns out 5 people came over and we spent all evening out by the pool, grilling, drinking beers, and catching up since we haven't seen most of them in awhile (due to my crazy schedule). Unfortunately I didn't take any pics, oh well. After they left, Kevin and I ended the night sipping drinks in the hot tub. What a great overall weekend!

Then today the 2 girlfriends who came over last night joined me for a little pool time again. We sat out, worked on our tans, chit chatted (without our boys there wink wink), and did a little summer reading.

I AM LOVING THIS BOOK! I highly recommend it to everyone... I just can't put it down.

So that's my summer so far... not too shabby, eh?